Dec 13

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Random Five Friday

I recently found a link up from a TOS
Crew buddy and decided to try to do this for awhile. I think it might help me share a little about what is going on in our life each week. The premise of this Random Five is that I list off five random things that occur to me each week and then link my post up with Miranda over at Pebble Pond
So here is my Random Five for this week:
1. We had a light school week because we were exhausted from having Christmas play practice EVERY night last week. The performance was awesome!
2. I finally got my Christmas cards made and ordered after 3 attempts! Technical problems had me very frustrated but it all worked out.
3. I am presently writing my first post on my iPhone.
4. I am listening to nonstop Christmas music and David and I have decided that there must only be about 20 Christmas songs in existence since we have heard some of the same songs over and over again every hour.
5. I still don’t have my outside Christmas lights or wreaths up yet. Think I should nix it this year?

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