Jan 15

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Do You Watch the Winter Olympics? – Resources to Make it More Fun

Winter Olympics Resources Round-Up


Today I am excited to share with you some neat resources I found to help you make watching the Winter Olympics more fun and educational to boot. Our family spends a lot of time watching our team strive for the gold. We look forward to the winter sports even more than the summer sports. I think we just really enjoy seeing all the snow, since we rarely ever get any here in the south:) Check out these links to some neat activities that appeal to all different ages and stages.

Language Arts

This activity is a language arts, creative thinking activity.This link provides you with some free printables to help you and your kids create your own olympic sport. There are prompting questions and blanks to fill in. I think my son would enjoy this activity.









Physical Education

Are you looking for a way to recreate some Olympic sports in your own backyard or basement? Check out these physical education activities. You can set up 5 different stations using these printables to help you have an Olympic competition in your homeschool.










Preschool/Kindergarten Math Olympic Themed Printables – Practice counting 1-10 by making a little mini number book.

Free Math Graphing printable – This looks like a lot of fun for the younger elementary set.


This link will be fun for the younger set.

Pre-school matching game from Only Passionate Curiosity. The download is free and there are two versions, one with words on the cards to match the pictures and one with pictures only.

Arts and Crafts

Here is a very long list of neat looking arts and crafts ideas – make medals out of cookies, create your own Olympic torch, make a miniature ice hockey game, etc.

ice hockey game

Current Events

The Official Team USA website is a great place to sign up for email notifications, read tweets from athletes and get some of the latest breaking information.

I am hoping to use some of these resources in our homeschool over the next several weeks. I hope some of them will be a benefit to you as well. This post has been part of a TOS Winter Olympic Resource Round-Up. Be a good sport and click-through the link to find some more great resources to add to your list.


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