Jan 26

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Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode – A book review

Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of the book in e-book format in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

As a long-time fan of Crystal Paine’s blog, Money Saving Mom, I was thrilled to be a part of her launch team for her newest book released this week, Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life, by Crystal Paine. To celebrate launch week there have been lots of giveaways and fun things happening over on her blog. I wrote several posts chronicling my journey through the 7-Day Challenge meant to help you get ready to quickly implement some of the principles in the book.  I am happy to report that I loved the book and thought that it was the best thing Crystal has written to date. You can tell that the book was written from the heart and the tone of the book reflects the struggles and triumphs she has had in her own life. You will identify with her on nearly every page.

Book Specifics

256-page hardcover with beautifully colored dust jacket. The price ranges from $13.79 to $19.99 at the time of this review (prices are subject to change)

The book is available from major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sam’s Club, Family Christian Stores and others. You can buy the book here.

My Thoughts

This is a helpful read for moms feeling burdened and overloaded with life’s demands. Crystal has done it again with her endearing, heart-to-heart manner. She uses her own story to encourage you to take your life by the reins and regain control of the chaos in your life. Using her easy to incorporate ideas, you will start creating breathing room in your life in a matter of days. Learning one of the first tips, saying no, has been such a help to me. i have had so many opportunities to practice this since reading the book. My biggest struggle has been not feeling guilty for saying no or feeling like I must have a long explanation or excuse for saying no. Crystal gave some great tips that I have found are working  for me. I am learning to free myself from this guilt and allow myself to pursue the best things in my life. Focusing on my gifts and abilities and learning to build on the things that really matter to me have been so inspiring and freeing.

I have begun to get back on track with my morning routine and getting up at a set time each morning. This has been reinforced by my participation in Hello Mornings in the past and I will be participating in the winter challenge coming up February 24th. I have become more intentional with meal planning using Plan To Eat and my housekeeping is coming back under control with the help of the Confident Mom Planner. These tools are helping me take care of the basics so I can take better care of myself and focus on my “best stuff list” which I created as a result of reading the book. I took time to revisit my priority list and pray about the things that are important to me. I found that I was spending a lot of time and energy on things that are really not all that important. I am trying to take time to stop and enjoy my blessings and my family and do the little things that will matter ten years from now. I found it freeing to realize that I do not have to do everything everyone else deems important for a homeschooling part-time working mom. I can be free to do what God has gifted me to do and the things that He has called me to in THIS SEASON of my life. I have purchased my own hardcover copy of the book, because I want to go back and slowly digest the book and mark up a hard copy. I was surprised about how long it took me to read the book. After each chapter, I needed time to digest and take action on the suggestions.I am still pondering the principles of margin and rest and have only just begun to see how beneficial they can be to my life. I have chosen to focus on one nugget of truth at a time and make it a habit before incorporating the next big thing.

If you are looking for a way to move past a meager existence of rushing here and there, running to and fro and feeling as if you are going nowhere, get a copy of the book and learn how you can say goodbye to survival mode forever!

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