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Making a Memorable Valentine’s Day – Ideas for all ages plus a recipe for Hot Cocoa mix



Memorable Valentine's Day

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to share with you some great ideas I have tried in the past or found on the web to try with my kids this year. I hope that you find an idea that interests you and if you have some great ideas, please leave me a comment at the end of this post.

Fun for the Youngest Ones

  • Covering a juice box or squeezable applesauce with a construction paper cover that says, ” You are my main squeeze”. Here is a sample I found on That’s What She Said.
  • You could serve the above applesauce with a heart-shaped pancake.
  • Purchasing a balloon bouquet and placing it in their room before they wake up on Valentine’s Day. This could provide hours of play for your preschooler.

courtesy of Mark Hillary – Flickr

  • Download  Free Valentine printables or tot packs and make a lapbook.
  • Make a paper chain to count down the day’s left until Valentine’s. Give them a piece of chocolate each time they pull off one of the links.

For the Elementary Set

  • Make a Woven heart out of construction paper or felt to display your favorite Bible verse about love – think 1 Corinthians 13. Turn art class into Bible time as you share about God’s love with your children.
  • Have an art party and create your own Valentines. Pull out your favorite arts and crafts supplies and let the kids go. Valentine's heartWe have used scrapbook paper, stickers, glitter, foam stickers, construction paper, etc. This year we are making personalized Valentines for the grandparents (here is one of the designs we are going to try) and something less time-consuming for friends in our homeschool group, church and co-op. We purchased some small Dum Dum lollipops and a package of craft foam shapes of mustaches, lips, etc. We will thread the lollipops through the shapes and write our messages on the back of the foam. (see pic below)

Mustache craft - Valentine

  • Make a decorative banner for your mantel out of playing cards. All you need is a heart punch, regular hole punch, deck of playing cards, scissors, tape and some twine. We are definitely trying this one this year.
  •  Make a Candy Tree centerpiece for the dinner table. Use a small tin bucket weighted with something heavy in the bottom. Take a large styrofoam ball or cone and stick a dowel rod in the bottom. Place the dowel in the bucket and you have your tree. You may need another piece of styrofoam in the bottom of the bucket to hold the dowel rod. Cover the styrofoam with mini packs of Kit Kat, M&M minis, snickers, etc. You can secure the candy to the styrofoam with straight pins or hot glue. Cover the bottom of the dowel rod and the inside of the bucket with Hershey Kisses or other individually wrapped candy. Check out the example here.
  •  Make brownies in a 9×13 inch pan and cut them out using a heart-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Make homemade pizza and cut the pepperoni in heart shapes. We did this last year and it was a big hit. I used a tiny heart-shaped cheese cutter from Pampered Chef. You can also use scissors to cut the pepperoni yourself.
  • Serve hot cocoa with frozen heart-shaped whipped topping. Simply quirt canned whipped cream out onto a pan in a heart shape, place in freezer until frozen, then place in the top of a steaming mug of hot cocoa. You can also use non-dairy whipped topping and scoop onto a cookie sheet in flat disks, then use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make heart-shaped cream to place in your hot cocoa. Try this homemade cocoa mix recipe if you are looking for a crowd pleaser. This recipe has been used by my family for over 30 years.


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Instant Hot Cocoa Mix

This make ahead chocolatey favorite will last all winter! This also makes great teacher gifts placed in a jar with a decorative tag.

Source: adapted from Mrs. Ralph W. Mitchell’s recipe

Course: Beverages

Prep Time: 5 Min

Serves: 85


  • 32 oz NesQuik powder
  • 16 oz powdered sugar
  • 11 oz coffee creamer, powdered
  • 25.6 oz powdered milk


  1. Mix together all ingredients. Sift if clumps are present. Store in airtight container.
  2. To serve: Add two heaping tablespoons to hot water or milk. Stir well.
  3. Serving size = 1 oz

Amount Per Serving
Calories: 109
Fat: 1.3g
Cholesterol: 1mg
Sodium: 63mg
Sugar: 18.2g
Carbohydrate: 20.8g
Protein: 3g

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Middle/ High School

  • Read the true story of St. Valentine. Discuss marriage and God’s design with your kids.
  • Take a paper coffee cup and wrap with a banner saying, ”  love you a latte”. Stuff with a Starbucks gift card and some red shredded paper.
  • Make a Flower Card using lipstick, markers and paper.
  • Have a Daddy/daughter date night or a Mother/Son date night and take them to their favorite restaurant for some one-on-one time.

Ideas for the Whole Family

  • Have a Scavenger Hunt. Create clues on heart-shaped paper and hide them around the house or yard ending with a small Valentine’s themed prize hidden for each family member.
  • Write notes on heart-shaped construction paper cutouts with things you love about that family member. Tape them to their bedroom door the night before Valentine’s Day. Choose things you love about them like the fact that they are kind, loyal, thoughtful, giving, etc. We did this last year for all our kids and they left them on their doors for months.
  • You could also make this neat little flip book using playing cards and jump rings that list 52 things I love about you.
  • Have a love-themed dinner and serve heart-shaped food, use a red tablecloth and fancy dishes, light red candles, play soft music and have each family member say things they love about each other.

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, may you remember to say, “I love you” to the special people in your life and share the love of Jesus wherever you go.

if you would like to find more great ideas, check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog where my friends have posted tons of great Valentine’s Resources. Click on the graphic below to head there now.

Valentine's Day RoundUp

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