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Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunts Using Egglo Eggs – A Review

Egglo ReviewEgglo Review


egglo entertainment

Egglo Entertainment recently sent us several of their products for review including Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs, a colorfully illustrated paperback book entitled, The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure, an audio download of The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure,  Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls and The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide as a PDF download. We were excited about the opportunity to do some Easter activities a little early this year.       After reading through the materials, I planned several events.

  • - A Resurrection themed story for my AWANA Cubbie class using the Egglo eggs in a dark room
  • - A traditional Easter egg hunt in our dark basement with my kids and my nephews and niece
  • - And a scavenger hunt for my kids in the house.

 The Story Behind Egglo Entertainment

Darcie Cobos began Egglo Entertainment with a simple idea of having a nighttime Easter egg hunt after the Good Friday service at her church. Darcie along with a mom friend hid eggs in a local park and armed the kids with flashlights. After the hunt, they sat down in front of a lighted cross in Darcie’s yard while she explained to the kids that Jesus is the Light that penetrates the darkness. She also made the connection that we are to be lights in this dark world, sharing the message of Jesus with others. The event was a huge success and the kid’s made special memories that night. The next year, she shared her ideas with her church children’s director and they began to plan a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. Darcie began to look for glow in the dark eggs. When she realized that they didn’t exist, by the Lord’s leading she set out to invent them and write a children’s book to go along with the theme and help explain to kids that Jesus is the light that we search for in the darkness.

About the Products

Egglo Review


The Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs ($11.99) come in a colorful cardboard box and are sold in sets of 12. They have an image of a cross imbedded in the product and after “charging” the eggs in direct sunlight or artificial light for up to an hour, the eggs will glow for 45 minutes to an hour.  They are made of hard plastic and can be reused for years to come.Egglo Review

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure ($12.99) is a beautifully illustrated picture book for kids that illustrates the point that Jesus is the way the truth and the light and even the smallest light can shine in the darkness. Join Hardy, Anastasia and Pascal as they go on an adventure after finding an old treasure chest in the attic. The contents of the chest fall out and the kids are transported to far away places as they learn lessons about correcting their character flaws and seeking to know the Light-Giver, Jesus Christ. The book is full of Bible verses and character lessons. This full-color 40-page paperback will be sure to excite your kids and have them coming back for more adventure while learning Biblical truths in the process. Easter Storybook The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure – book audio download ($2.99). We downloaded this on our computer and listened while following along in the storybook. I loved that it included a chime to remind the kids to turn the page. This is a great feature for the preschool set. The narrator has a pleasant voice and the music was engaging. listening to Story Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.29) – these little plastic and paper scrolls are tightly wound and ready to place inside your Easter eggs. Simply remove the rubber band and unwind to see the Scripture verse inside.

Easter Scrolls

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide ($14.99) - This 60-page PDF download was intended as a resource for churches to help plan Christ-centered Easter egg hunts.  I found it very helpful as a mom in planning the events I mentioned above. The guide includes:

  • planning tips
  • promotional tools such as posters, invitations and more
  • coloring sheets
  • decorating ideas
  • snack ideas
  • opening activities
  • devotionals
  • Bible memory verse activities
  • guidelines for egg hunts
  • and more……

 How We Used These Products

My first idea was to use these glow in the dark easter eggs for my AWANA Cubbies class at church. We had a special event night where we didn’t have a traditional lesson planned and I decided to use the Egglo eggs to tell the story of Jesus and share the gospel with the kids. I turned out the lights and used a flashlight to shine on the eggs while I took out items from the eggs to share about Jesus. We used items such as coins, a mini crown of thorns, a cross of nails, etc to place inside the eggs and share the Gospel story. Telling a story in the dark with only a flashlight, was memorable for the kids. Resurrection storyNext, I planned an event for my children, nephews and niece. Altogether we make a group. I gathered the kids together and explained the purpose of our little “Early Easter Party”. We read the account of the Resurrection from the Bible and then I talked to the kids about the importance of this story. Then, I handed out coloring sheets and let the kids color pictures from the program guide while we listened to the The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure audio book. I held the book and showed the pictures as we listened to the story. I stopped at an exciting point and broke up the story with a snack break. I felt the story was fairly long for the attention span of my youngest listeners.Family Easter Party Easter Coloring Sheet

Soon it was off to the kitchen to make edible flashlights or torches so we could represent the Light in the dark world. Using an idea from the program guide, we took jumbo marshmallows and placed pretzel rods in them. I decided it would be fun to use canned whipped cream and I went around to each child’s “flashlight” and squirted on some whipped cream. Lastly, they sprinkled some red colored sugar on top to represent the flame or light. We were very happy with the results and it was pretty quick to do and easy to clean up at the end. edible torches

Then it was back to the living room to finish the story. The kids really loved the adventure and were able to answer all the comprehension and discussion questions I used from the program guide. Finally the moment the kids had been waiting for arrived. We gathered at the top of the basement stairs and I gave out paper lunch bags to hold the eggs. I gave last-minute instructions and the kids were off!

Easter party


I was disappointed that my eggs didn’t stay glowing for very long. We have had a lot of cloudy, rainy days here and I don’t think I had sufficiently charged the eggs beforehand. I kept them in a window in direct sunlight for about an hour, but  the glow was not very substantial. Next time, I will charge them outside or under a lamp. My pictures did not turn out well in the dark room.

My final activity was a scavenger hunt that I held in my home for my kids. I surprised them by hiding a dozen eggs around the house and giving them clues that I found on the website. By using the Scripture clues, they were able to find all the eggs and find the final prize at the end. It was a special reward for the kids being so diligent in their schoolwork lately.

egg huntunder the cross cache


Our Opinion of the Product

We thought the products were a wonderful addition to the way we like to celebrate holidays in our house. We like to make special memories as a family and make Christ the focus of any event when possible. I felt that these products were reasonably priced and had the Christian focus that we support in our family. I would highly recommend the book as it appealed to all my kiddos from ages 3-11. It will be a favorite in our house for many Easters to come. I was a little disappointed in how hard it seemed to charge the glowing eggs, but I think user error was the problem. It would be a little tricky to have them glowing for a large-scale egg hunt if you didn’t have a good plan to light the eggs indoors and have someone hide them just before the hunt begins. With careful planning, I think these products could enhance your church egg hunt and would provide you with the tools you need to hold a stunning, memorable, Christ-centered egg hunt event.

Check out all the great products at Egglo Entertainment and check out their special sale going on now.

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