Mar 12

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Involving Grandparents in Your Homeschool

Involving grandparents in homeschooling


Have you ever wondered how to get your extended family on board with homeschooling? There are all types of families who homeschool. Some families have very supportive extended families and others spend years trying to gain the approval of extended family. As Christian parents, we know that the only approval that matters is God’s approval, but letting the grandparents get directly involved in some aspect of your kids education may help them see your choices in a different light. Here are some things that we have done to involve my kid’s grandparents in our homeschool………


I have been blessed to have the opportunity to write about involving grandparents in your homeschool today over on the Teach Them Diligently Blog. I hope you will hop over and finish reading my article and comment on this important topic.

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