Mar 16

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Preschool Art Time – The Snowy Day

Snowy Day Art projectsI am not a naturally artistic person, but with the invention of Pinterest, this visually oriented mama has learned the power of re-creating other’s ideas and making them our own in our homeschool. I have found so many great ideas for preschool art class. I have decided to do a series on preschool art and hope to post about twice a month on this topic. We have been participating in a homeschool co-op and I volunteered to teach the art portion to our preschool class. We choose a children’s book as a theme and then work on pre-reading/writing activities in the first portion, art and snack time in my portion and then it is followed up by playtime and science using ideas from the children’s book across all three classes.

For this class, I found so many cute ideas, I had a hard time picking my favorites. Here is what we ended up doing.


For snack time, I made Russian Tea Cakes and let the kids eat them. They looked like little snowballs and tasted delicious! I didn’t snap any pictures, but just imagine little walnut-sized cookie balls dusted in powdered sugar. I made the cookie balls ahead of time and brought a sifter to let the kids put powdered sugar “snow” on top of their treats.

Craft Idea #1

photo (19)

After reading the book, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, we created a scene from the book. To complete this activity you will need the following art supplies:


First, I printed out the patterns from the link above and cut out the boy’s body with red construction paper and just cut out the face from the printer paper I printed the pattern on.photo (21)

Next I had the kids use a paintbrush to apply glue to the back of the brown construction paper and we placed it horizontally on the large piece of blue construction paper.

We cut out tree trunks and branches from the brown construction paper and had the kids glue these on the paper.

We glued the face on the boy.

Next we glued the boy on the picture and embellished with glitter to make the tree branches and ground around the tree look like snow.

Lastly, we put a cotton ball on the boy’s head to represent the blob of snow which fell on his head when he whacked the tree.

The kids loved this activity and it turned out so cute. See the finished picture at the top of this post.

Craft Idea #2

Using inspiration from this coffee filter snowflake, we made our own snowflakes. Here is what you need for this project.

  • blue tempera paint or washable paint
  • coffee filters
  • eye dropper
  • scissors

I had the kids take an eye dropper and place drops of watered down tempera paint on the coffee filter before we cut out the snowflake pattern. It diffuses all through the filter and dries a beautiful blue color. You don’t have to color the entire filter. We found it was a little easier to fold the filters after the kids placed the paint on them and the paint spread more quickly around the filter by folding them.  after they dried, we had the adults cut the snowflake pattern. Here is the finished project.

cutting snowflakes

Craft Idea #3

We finished out our time making Cotton ball snowmen.

cotton snowman


For this craft you will need:

  • cotton balls
  • crayons
  • cardstock
  • this template free from Childcareland  -Search for “cotton ball snowman” and print on cardstock

I printed out the template and had the kids color the snowman. I placed glue in each of the circles on the snowman’s body and had the kids place a cotton ball inside each circle. My 3-year old didn’t want to cover up her orange circles so she just placed “snow” in the snowman’s hands. This activity is great for fine motor development as the child learns to place the cotton in a circle.


I hope that you can use some of these ideas to help you have some great art fun with your preschooler. If you don’t have the book, you might want to check your local library or watch the video included below before completing these crafts. Have fun!



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