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Purex Crystals Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh Scent – A Review and Giveaway!


About the Product

Purex Crystals


I recently joined a team of Purex Insiders to receive new products to test and review. My first product sample I received for review was the Purex Crystals in-wash fragrance booster Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh scent. This product is made of 87% natural crystals. The product is meant to be placed in the wash at the beginning of the washing cycle and is safe for front loading or top-loading washing machines. You may also use them in HE machines.


Purex crystals


You place the crystals directly on top of the laundry and NOT in the liquid softener dispenser. The scent infuses your laundry with scent that lasts for weeks. It also does not reduce the absorbency of towels. There are other scents available including Purex Crystals for Baby. I  was so excited to try this product.

How I Used the Product

I immediately decided that I wanted to try this product in my homemade laundry detergent recipe. I make five gallons at a time and my biggest concern with my homemade recipe is there is not much of a scent to the detergent. I have tried adding essential oils and different scented detergent, but nothing really did what I wanted it to do. Enter Purex Crystals….

purex crystals


The first thing I did was to take a couple of capfuls of the crystals and place them in a heat-proof bowl. Then I boiled a kettle of water and added it to the bowl.

I stirred until it was dissolved and I ended up with a very heavily scented concentrate.



Using Purex Crystals


Then I simply poured the mixture into my homemade detergent and gave it a good mix.

The end result was a wonderfully floral scented detergent. I was so happy to find a solution in this product.



My Opinion of the Product

We went from stinky laundry…….

Purex Crystals


To fresh laundry….

Purex Crystals

Thank you PUREX!

Register to win a $1000 shopping spree courtesy of Purex and a one year supply of Purex Crystals. And if you don’t win that, you can just enter my giveaway below. Share this with friends because three of my readers will win!

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  1. Jody

    I just tried Purex Crystals, and my bottle has run out! I’m already missing that wonderful fresh scent.

    1. Jennifer


  2. Lori H

    I have never tried these but would love fresher smelling laundry. These sound neat and they sound like they work well.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, I hear you. I have a house full of boys:)

  3. Heather McCarthy

    Would love to try this product look awesome

    1. Jennifer

      They smell really good!

  4. Jenny

    Love your blog! The product looks great!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Janet

    I love the Purex products

    1. Jennifer

      Me too!

  6. Michelle L.

    I just tried them for 1st time this weekend and need more! I hate that they’re limited edition and sadly cannot afford to buy the store’s entire supply like I would like.

    1. Jennifer



    i have heard so many people talk about this product and i would love to try it out for myself.

    1. Jennifer

      I hope you win!

  8. Jen B

    I just started making my own laundry soap this year. I would love to try the crystals in it. What a neat idea!!

  9. Kelli

    I always love the smell of truly clean clothes :-).

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