Apr 05

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Learning to Lead by Example

I used to be the type of mom who tried to get everyone on board with my schemes by nagging. See if any of these comments sound familiar.

Take your shoes off at the door!

Choose a healthy snack.

We need to spend less time on electronics.

Go outside and play.


I want to encourage good health in my home. in the past year or so, I have been making some life changes. I have started running. I have completed several 5K’s and a 10K. I have started a low glycemic diet and almost eliminated sugar from my diet. I decided that I couldn’t wait on everyone else to get on board. I realized that the changes had to be made for ME and by ME. I want to be healthy for my kids 10 years from now. I don’t want to be one of the parents of my mom’s generation who so poured into their kids, that they neglected to take care of themselves. Now this is not a pass on neglecting your kids, but I believe that I am a better mom when I feed myself nutritious foods and exercise regularly. My stress levels decrease, I feel better physically and I am able to lead my kids by example. When they see mom choose a healthy snack instead of a soda or candy bar, it is influencing what they see as normal. After losing 29 pounds with these small changes, I have gradually seen my family start to come on board. We are out walking the dog, my husband has run 3 races with me, he recently set out to lose some weight himself and my boys are becoming more aware of their food choices. My daughter(4) will ask me sometimes at meals,

“Is this Trim Healthy Mama?”

Color Run to your healthToday, we spent the morning running a 5K. I ran with my husband and was able to keep up with him the whole way! (He is fast compared to me) These little accomplishments are such an encouragement. My 11 year old ran the race with some friends and our youngest son cheered us on!

I am finding that I need to let my kids see some of the rules in action. If mom takesher shoes off at the door, takes media breaks, chooses healthy snacks, and goes outside to play, the kids are much more likely to follow suit and take my advice.


Let’s resolve to encourage our kids by setting the example for them. Who knows, they may begin to follow our example!

 Run to encourage good health

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