Apr 09

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Homeschool Cooperatives – Things to Consider

Homeschool Co-opsFor the last two days we have been talking about homeschool cooperatives and how they can benefit the homeschooling family. We defined co-ops and talked about the benefits of cooperatives. Today I want to talk about the things to consider before joining a cooperative. How do you know if a co-op will be a good fit for your family?

Ask Questions

The most important thing to do is ask questions. Talk to the director and moms who have been involved with the co-op. Get as many details up front as possible. Consider the following details:

  • Distance – figure travel time and gas cost into your decision
  • Curriculum – will the things offered at co-op be extras or things that will complement your curriculum choices for the upcoming year.
  • Cost – figure in materials, lunches, gas, etc.
  • Parent participation – Do all parent’s teach classes or assist? Will you be required to provide supplies or plan lessons? Do you have time for that at this stage in your life?
  • What age/grades does the co-op serve. Will there be something for each child in your family?
  • Start and end times – If you have babies, all day co-ops may be hard on the little ones nap schedules. If they start too early in the morning, think about whether you can get out the door on time each time the classes meet.
  • Will taking time away from your planned curriculum cause stress- Will you be missing one math lesson a week? Will this cause you to get behind so that you can’t complete a whole year of material. I chose to have my kids get up early on co-op day and do a math lesson before co-op. All of my other things I have adapted to a four day schedule so that on co-op day we are free to have the classes count as our entire schooling for the day.

Consider Your Season of  Life

Is this the right season for participation?

There are lots of different seasons in life. If you have lots of toddlers, are caring for elderly parents, are dealing with family illnesses or have special needs children that are requiring lots of extra time and attention, you may find that cooperatives only increase the stress in your life. Make sure that you consider your schedule, extracurricular activities, church responsibilities, etc before you commit to a cooperative. You can still have a successful homeschool without participation in a cooperative. If one of the above situations describes your season right now, let yourself off the hook. DON”T feel guilty. Your kids will still be socialized. While cooperatives can be great, they are just a tool and are not the reason we decided to homeschool our kids in the first place. Look at the ages of your kids, take stock of your families’ needs and goals and make an informed decision. Never forget the home in homeschool!

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  1. Lisa R @ A Rup Life

    excellent points! I see more of a need as my kids enter high school than when they were littler…

  2. Jennifer Altman

    We have just moved back to MD and were part of a co-op here previously that is now 45min away, I couldn’t find anything else that seemed to be a good fit, so we are still going to do that one. Since it’s only every other week, I think I can deal with the 45min drive each way, and figure I’ll stop in the town we go through on the way home to run errands.

  3. Michele P

    I think seasons in your life is a BIG factor. We have needed lots of classes some years and just looked for friend connections others. Love that co ops can be different things to different people.

  4. Brittney @ Mom's Heart

    The worst thing about our co-op is the hours. It is hard when it runs right through lunch hour (with no “break” for lunch) and also prime nap time for my toddler. However, it’s the only co-op in the area, and it’s only once every other week, so we make it work right now.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, especially for those with little ones that need naps. We are planning to start at 9:15 this year and be finished by 12:30 with the option to stay for lunch if you desire. This will give us time for a 15 min chapel time and 3 hour long classes. We had longer classes last semester (1.5 hr)and we just really felt like we would be more focused with shorter class times this next semester.

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