Apr 10

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Homeschool Cooperatives – Starting Your Own

Homeschool Co-ops

This week we have been talking about all the facets of homeschool cooperatives. We have talked about the definition of a co-op, the benefits of a co-op, and things to consider before joining a co-op. Today I want to give you some tips on starting your own co-op. I have participated and helped to plan some activities in our local co-op, but I have never started a cooperative myself. I am sharing the things I have learned from experience and research.

Start with a Statement of Purpose

This may seem unimportant, but clarifying what the group will be about is very helpful in the long run when growing the group or explaining the group to new members. Have the start up group brainstorm and agree on a simple, direct statement such as,

We will strive to educate kids from preschool to middle school in a Christian environment where parents lead by example and every member contributes

This simple statement lets others know that this group is Christian, and doesn’t offer high school classes. It also eludes to the fact that parents must participate. Make the statement clear and concise.

Consider a Code of Conduct

This is another item that may seem unnecessary. If you take the time to have these policies in place at the beginning, you have some tools available to help mediate conflict down the road. If part of your code of conduct states that no profanity will be used on the premises and you have each family sign a statement agreeing to abide by the code of conduct, you will have a way to back up your policies if a situation arises where a family is in violation of that code.

Have a Clear Explanation of Fees Upfront

If there is a registration fee, a fee per student, a supply fee for copies and ink, required curriculum purchases or a donation to the church, etc, make sure it is disclosed initially so a family is aware of the cost involved in joining the group. Hidden fees can be frustrating for families on a tight budget.

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Start Small

Smaller co-ops are easier to manage and as things progress and you get your feet wet, you can grow the group. Start with a group of committed moms who are willing to do their share of the work. A successful co-op is one where everyone participates. In a small group, you need every member to contribute for success. You don’t want your co-op to turn into a babysitting service. If parents are uneasy about teaching, pair up moms to teach in teams and that can ease some of the stress of newer members or moms who lack confidence in the beginning. Consider teaming moms with a more experienced teacher so they can learn from each other.


Book Club Homeschool Cooperatives

Have Clear Leadership

Set up a director and depending on the size of the group, you may need a secretary to handle finances. You may want an activities director a photographer if you plan to do a yearbook, a supplies coordinator, etc. Depending on the size of the group, you could also have someone over the different age groups if your group is large (i.e. nursery, preschool, elementary, middle, high school).

Homeschool Co-op Science

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  1. Lisa R @ A Rup Life

    I’ll be pinning this one!! I think these suggestions are essential to run smooth from the beginning. :D

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks for the pin!

  2. Brittney @ Mom's Heart

    Great ideas! Starting a more personal co-op is always in the back of my mind.

    1. Jennifer

      That has been our favorite part about our new co-op is the family feel and the building of relationships.

  3. Jenny

    Love the post and the pictures!

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