Apr 16

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Pinterest Project of the Month – Round Two

That's Pinteresting

Over a year ago, I planned to do monthly posts where I shared my favorite Pinterest projects. I did one post, then puttered out. I love Pinterest projects, life just gets away from me sometimes and I don’t do the things I plan to do. I was inspired by this link up with the TOS  Review Crew and decided to revive this old idea. So here is round two of my Pinterest Project of the Month. I am going to give you three of my most recent Pinterest finds. The first two are household cleaning products and the last one is a homeschool organizing tip. The last two ideas are a precursor to an upcoming post on homeschool planning that is coming soon.

Floor Cleaner on Pinterest

I have laminate floors in my dining room and I have tried dust mopping, mopping with water only, using PIne Sol, but everything I try seems to leave smudges and smears. Thanks to Nature’s Nurture, I was able to find a solution. I found her recipe for laminate floor cleaner spray Pinterest and my problem was solved. Now I simply take a few minutes to spritz the spots and use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the smears. Voila! Smudge-free floors. I will keep this on hand for years to come. I left out the essential oils in my batch. (It does have a strong vinegar scent, so make sure to allow time for the odor to evaporate if using it before company is coming.)

Simply use equal parts water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar, (start with one cup each) 3 drops Dawn dish detergent and essential oils (optional). Pour into a 24 oz spray bottle and you are ready to go.

Floor cleaner recipe


Homemade Febreeze on Pinterest

I love my Homemade Febreze  from Fake It Frugal. I have made this up multiple times and will probably never go back to the expensive name brand. Using only baking soda, hot water and fabric softener, I have mattresses, pet bedding, and cars smelling nice again. This really comes in handy and is so easy to make.

Febreeze recipe


Weekly Binder from Pinterest

I have been using a binder for my older two boys for the past two years to help them stay organized and on track with their schoolwork. They have a weekly assignment sheet inside the front cover and tabs separating loose papers from each school subject. The pin in the link above caught my eye and after going to The Planted Trees blog, I was inspired to run out to the store and get the supplies I needed to overhaul our binders. We use Sonlight curriculum and the assignments are set for a 4 or 5 day week. So I used her idea to create tabs with pockets for each day of our school week. I plan to stuff worksheets in each daily pocket and the kids will move them to the back side of the tabbed pocket when completed. They are moved to the back of the notebook when mom grades them in the To Be Filed folder. I can see this really helping me stay organized and eliminate some of my paper clutter.

binder systembinder system

Yearly File Box system

The last Pinterest project that I wanted to share is again related to homeschooling and is a variation on a method I used in the past. I was inspired by this pin from My Joy Filled Life on setting up a yearly file box system.

I made folders for each week of school, which I will portion out into Monthly files when I set up my school calendar. As I take time to pre-plan this summer, all the assignment sheets, worksheets and activity ideas I come up with will be stored in the folder for the week that I plan to assign them. Then I can simply pull them on Sunday nights from the specific weekly folder and load the kids binders with there work. I also created folders for specific subjects and one for mom’s planning ideas that I can toss random items in as I find ideas. I hope this will help to curb the clutter during the next school year and keep me more organized.

yearly planning


I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Pinterest Project of the month. I will be back next month with another project idea inspired by Pinterest.

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