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Missionary Stories for Today’s Kids – The Brinkman Adventures Review

Brinkman Adventures Review

My kids and I love to read missionary stories and listen to audio dramas together. The Brinkman Adventures caught my eye at a homeschool convention last year and I even picked up a brochure thinking I might order the CD when I got home, but I forgot all about it until I had the opportunity through the TOS Review Crew to obtain a copy of The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 for review. These audio dramas on CD and available for MP3 download combine the real life mission stories of modern day Christians woven into the lives of a large zany family called the Brinkmans, This equals stories that will have your kids clamoring for “more Brinkmans mama!”

Brinkman Adventures ReviewAbout the Product

The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24

Brinkman Adventures Review


4CDs – 12 Episodes – 5+ Hours of listening fun


$17.00 MP3 Download


$25.00 for 4 physical CDs


The Brinkman Adventures operates on a donation basis.The company gives the above amounts as a suggested donation for the products, but is willing to offer the product for the amount that you can afford by clicking the donation tab.

Great for all ages!

The Brinkman Adventures also has season 1 available for the same prices listed above. They are in the midst of production on Season 3 with 3 episodes recorded so far. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated on the progress of the recording.



The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24

  • Episode 1 – The Mystery Ring – Join the Brinkman boys as they learn all about truthfullness and honesty in this exciting tale of how a lost ring ends up providing for missionaries in another country.

  • Episode 2 – Blue Hat and T-Shirt Bible – This episode will have you riveted to your seat as you see God’s miraculous provision for the missionaries in this story set in China.

  • Episode 3 – How Big Is Your God Pt 1  – These next two episodes tell more mission stories of how learning to trust God for big plans allowed a church to be planted in an unlikely place. You will learn about God’s provision and divine appointments through these exciting episodes.

  • Episode 4 – How Big Is Your God Pt. 2

  • Episode 5 – Mexico By Bus – Join the Brinkmans as they travel to Mexico to deliver a bus to a missionary family. Loads of mishaps and adventures occur on the way as the large family lives on the bus for several days. One prominent theme of this adventure is praise in the midst of trials.

  • Episode 6 – Treehouse Academy – This true story comes from the real life stories of missionaries in Belize. The Brinkmans visit the family to deliver a bus and curriculum and all sorts of interesting adventures occur. Each of these stories build on the previous episode causing you to want to keep listening to the very end.
  • Episode 7 – Pirates of Mayan Island – The boys go exploring with their new friends for treasure on an old pirate island and find out that only treasures in heaven will last forever.

  • Episode 8 – Sapphire Slaves Pt. 1 – this episode deals with the real life problem of slavery that still exists in portions of the world and helps shed light on the work some Christians are doing to help free the slaves. You will learn more about unfairness and injustice in the world through these stories.

  • Epidsode 9 – Sapphire Slaves Pt. 2

  • Episode 10  – Hadi’s Choice – This episode deals with the real issue of persecution because of faith in Jesus Christ. Set in the fictitious country of Bazakistan, the Brinkmans hear the story of how one family shared their faith and the results of Hadi’s Choice.

  • Episode 11 – Castle of Secrets – The Brinkmans go on a retreat to a castle in France and discover some hidden secrets while being refreshed for the ministry.

  • Episode 12 – On the Run – The season ends with the family continuing to hear mission stories from others. You will be inspired, challenged and encouraged by the stories and it will leave you wanting more!

You can watch behind the scenes video, listen to a free episode, and explore the site to find a second hidden episode for your listening pleasure. There are pictures of some of the real life missionaries some of the episodes are based on and ways to write the real life missionaries on the website. 

Our Opinion of the Product

We were delighted with the family-friendly uplifting content of each and every episode. We loved the lessons on honesty, faith, evangelism, truthfulness, kindness, sharing and missions woven into the episodes. We found ourselves listening on the go in the car and the kids begged for more. As I researched the product for the review, I discovered a wealth of resources on the website. I would recommend that you listen to each episode then take your kids to the The Brinkman Adventures site where they can learn more about the stories behind the stories, Watch lemurs having a stink fight and you can even turn it into a homeschool lesson. We are planning to purchase season 1 via MP3 download for an upcoming road trip. We found that by downloading the episodes to iTunes, we can listen through my iphone in our car via bluetooth or listen inside the house through our laptops. Anyway you chose to listen, whether through download or via CD, I can assure you these episodes will be a delight to your family. My kids ages 4-11 listened intently to the very last episode. My four year old still cries, “more Brinkmans Mama” when we get in the car. If you would like to hear what others are saying about the The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24, click on the graphic below.


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