Apr 26

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Our Week – A Peek into our Homeschool and Family Life

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I found myself having another one of those busy spring weeks as school is winding down around these parts. We only have two weeks left of “official school” to reach our 180-day mark. We had our last homeschool co-op class on Friday. Here is a rundown of our week:

Monday -

I woke up with the aftermath of Easter all around my house. Easter baskets, candy wrappers, dirty laundry and a bad case of sore throat from all the pollen. We had spent about 5 hours outside on Easter enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather after experiencing so much rain the last couple of weeks.

Easter Outfits


I enjoyed a night out with my homeschool mom friends. We get together for a mom’s meeting once a month. This month we talked about yearly evaluations, testing and swapped curriculum and ideas.

Tuesday -

The kids and I enjoyed another beautiful day and spent the morning reading aloud on the deck. That didn’t do my allergies and sore throat any good and I ended up completely hoarse by bedtime. We are finishing up our history studies on World War II and it has brought about some great discussions with the children. We are really looking forward to an upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. where we will get to see some of the things we have been reading about this year (Mt. Vernon, the Constitutuion, etc). The boys attended karate practice and Lydia and I stayed home.

Wednesday -

We spent the day working diligently on our science fair project for Friday’s co-op class and I gathered some materials for AWANA. I teach the 3-year old class. I met with some mission team members to take care of some details regarding my upcoming mission trip to Romania in June. The kids finished early with school and we had some free time in the afternoon.

Thursday -

The kids spent the afternoon helping my dad immunize his goat herd. The boys love spending time with their grandpa on his farm any chance they get. The kids had soccer practice but when they arrived, they realized that the coach had forgotten to inform the team that the practice had been cancelled due to spring break. We took the night off of karate practice because of such a busy week and David and I having difficulty with allergies this week.

Friday -

This was our most eventful day of the week. We had our last day of co-op for this school year. The kids spent time finishing our writing class, participating in a science fair and displaying some of their artwork in an art show. We then went to a local park and had fellowship over lunch.

science fair

Saturday -

Somehow we managed to have an entirely free Saturday, which is a rarity around here in the spring. I guarded it with my life and set aside time to help my husband in the yard. I saw real appreciation on his face when he saw me working alongside him. We got some much needed yard work completed and had a mishap with the weed eater. The back window of my husband’s car was shattered by a flying rock. After getting all the glass cleaned up, we managed to salvage the day and finish all the yard work. The boys were a big help mowing the grass. We took a walk and watched the kids play in the yard in the evening. It was another beautiful spring day.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our week. Stay tuned next week as I start sharing about my homeschool plans for the upcoming school year and my preparations for the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Washington, D.C.

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