May 11

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A Mother’s Day Reflection

Mom's NightI started out my Mother’s Day weekend spending some wonderful time with my mom, sister, sister-in-law, aunt and a couple of dear friends. We had dinner together and then REALLY enjoyed the movie, “Mom’s Night Out”. If you have not seen it, you have got to check out the trailer below. It was hilarious and uplifting, a great combination in my book. We enjoyed the camaraderie of motherhood as we watched a good clean movie. We left being glad of our job as mom and ready for some snuggle time with our kiddos.  I love my life as mom and yet I also treasure girl time with my extended family.

Saturday was spent finishing out the soccer season with my middle child LukeHe is the player in the air, number 4. We came home and then worked on packing clothes for our upcoming trip to the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Washington, D.C. After getting the kids packed up, we took a quick shopping trip to gather last minute items for our vacation and ate at a favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.

soccer jump


I was scheduled to work a shift at the hospital on Mother’s Day and was quite surprised to get a phone call stating that I could stay home today because of a low hospital census. I was excited to get to spend an unexpected day with the family. We attended church together and were blessed by a great Sunday school class that highlighted the story of the Prodigal Son and then a worship service where we were treated to a great sermons on angels. David picked up some lunch at the grocery deli and it was back to more packing. The hubby and kids surprised me with a homemade gift of bath salts and flowers from our own rosebush.

homemade mom gift

We ended the day Skyping my mother-in-law and eating homemade ice cream at the farm with my mother. As I sit here reflecting on the weekend, I am reminded of how special our job is as mothers. We should cherish each moment and relish each day. For every moment that we spend frustrated or overwhelmed, there is one woman aching because her arms are empty or her mother is gone from this earth. We need to remember that our children and mothers are gifts from God and celebrate them. I was very blessed to have a wonderful mother who led by example and accepted her role as mother very seriously. She dedicated her life to our upbringing, education and religious training, putting her own career aspirations aside. I still have her here with me and I celebrate each and every year that I have with her. I also think of my grandmothers that are with the Lord this Mother’s Day and I think of the impact that they had on my life. I am inspired to emulate some of the honorable things in their character and show love to those under my care in new and meaningful ways this year. I am so thankful for all the strong women in my life. My mother, mother-in-laws, sister, sister-in-laws, and friends. May you be blessed this Mother’s Day as you reflect on God’s blessings to you and your family.

Mom, sis and me


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