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Cell Phone Cases by Trident – A Review

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Having kids and a life on the go, I look for durability when shopping for cell phone cases. When the opportunity arose for me to try the red iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S (Cyclops Case) from Trident Case I was ready for the challenge. I chose the slim design of the Cyclops case, because I had been used to a bulky case by another manufacturer. I was interested to see if the military tested smartphone case would hold up to the wear and tear of an active soccer mom.

Trident Case Review
About the Company

Trident Case was founded in California in 2010 with a goal of creating the most durable, tough mobile device cases in the industry. They have six different product lines and make cases for all types of devices including iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, etc. They are made and manufactured in the USA and meet military standards for such things as vibration, dust, rain, sand and drop.

About the Product

Trident Case Review
Trident Case Red


iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S (Cyclops Case)


Available in





Trident Green

and White

Includes a one-year limited warranty and is appropriate for all ages



The Cyclops series cases sport a bio-enhanced polycarbonate shell. The slim design allows you to place it easily in a pant pocket. It has been tested to meet military standard  MIL-STD-810F for dust, wind, rain, vibration and drop. The Cyclops series also features sound funnel technology making your audio experience even better while using the case. The case is shock absorbent and won’t skid if dropped. All Trident cases are made in the USA and boast Green Protection meaning that the case is degradable, recyclable, and compostable.

How I Used the Case

As soon as the case arrived in the mail, I removed my old case and cleaned my phone well. I didn’t have a screen protector on my phone because my old case had a screen protector built in. The Cyclops case recommends a screen protector be applied before placing the case on the phone. I hadn’t had to apply a screen protector in a long time and it was very frustrating. I can never seem to get all the air bubbles smoothed out. I finally gave up on perfection. I attempted to open the case as it came assembled in the box. I worked for several minutes to get the case apart and was worried I might break the case before the phone was ever placed in the case.The small insert that came with the phone was no help in disassembling the case. I managed to get the case open in one piece and then placed the phone in the case using the photo instructions in the included instruction booklet. After getting the case opened, I realized later that there is a video showing how to open the case on the product page at the manufacturers website that would have been very helpful. I used the case for over a month before writing this review.

Trident Case InstructionsTrident Case instructions

My Opinion of the Product

I have been using the case for over a month and have had no issues with my phone. The case has held up to its claims of durability. I am really enjoying the slim design that allows me to put my phone in my pocket and move comfortably. I have noticed that it is harder to find in my purse because of the smaller size. The red color that I chose helps combat that problem though. I dropped the phone one day on asphalt and the case opened slightly from the force, but the phone did not come out of the case and there was no damage to the phone. The plastic screen cover that is over the touch screen allows great contact with the touchscreen and I have had no issues with operating my phone with the cover in place. I have had no water spills on the phone or rain during this review so I can’t speak to that feature. My one complaint was that I had to open the case and clean the screen more often than I had with my previous case due to the opening over the speakers and button allowing some dust under the touchscreen. It drives me crazy to have lint, dust or air bubbles noticeable under the plastic screen. If that doesn’t bother you then this may not even be and issue for you. Overall, I felt that this was a great case if you are looking for a durable, thin case that allows you to carry your phone in your pocket. The color choices are very trendy and bold.

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