May 31

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Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up – Summer Style

Family photo at the Lincoln Memorial

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Finishing Out Our Year

We completed our official 180 days of school on May 2nd. Shortly after that, we attended  the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Washington, D.C. You still have time to catch the last one this year in Dallas, Texas, June 26-28th. We had barely a week off before I was restarting our homeschool calendar and counting days again. We spent time learning in sessions at the conference and the kids participated in the children’s program: spy-themed Mission Incredible (knowing God and serving Him.) After three days at the convention, we spent four days touring our nation’s capitol. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Lincoln look alike

Luke as Abraham Lincoln

Vietnam War Memorial

Visiting the Vietnam War Memorial

The home of George Washington

George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon

When we returned home, we were starting into Memorial Day weekend. We took Friday to play with our puppy, celebrate his first birthday, clean house and do the mountain of laundry that had accumulated!

pile of laundryHershey Birthday

Easing Into Summer

This week has been calmer and I purposed to keep as much white space on the calendar as possible. After realizing the importance of simplifying my life at the convention, I am seeking to work on this area of creating a peaceful and calmer home by starting with my heart. I focused on organizing the travel mess and keeping the house in order. I am also re-establishing a couple of simple habits such as making the bed early in the day and keeping my shoes put back in the closet (You have to start small and start somewhere). I let the kids sleep in later than usual and enjoyed devotional time and coffee when I could this week.

Monday – We visited and swam with friends over lunch on Monday before having a blast at an evening family picnic down the road. The kids even enjoyed a homemade slip and slide with their cousins. We were able to reach out to some new friends and have them join in our family picnic fun. Hot dogs and homemade ice cream rounded out the fun.

Tuesday - meant back to work for David and back to summer school for us. The kids are working on some curriculum reviews so we did a little bit of Bible, language arts and math. After the schooling, I worked with the kids on some chores and then encouraged them to play outside for a while. I also set the kids aside and talked with them individually about their goals and my expectations for them this summer. I explained that we would do a bit of learning with a lot of fun sprinkled in, but I wanted them to set some goals for themselves to help them accomplish something they would like to do this summer. We talked about our summer reading goals and participating in the local summer reading program at the library.

Wednesday  - On Wednesday, I had some blog work to do in the morning while the kids did chores, then my sister called and asked if we wanted to go swimming with her and my 9 month old nephew. We packed up a lunch and went for a spur of the moment picnic by the pool. When we got there my husband’s cousins had the same idea and the kids enjoyed the company of 5 other cousins in the pool. I went home and attempted a new bread recipe in which I read the directions wrong and TRIPLED the water in the recipe. Needless to say, the bread was ruined. I had a couple of other cooking disasters but we invited my sister over for a dinner of grilled burgers and veggies. Dessert was a delicious THM friendly Black Forest Trifle that I had found on PInterest. We ended the day with a rousing game of Monopoly where my oldest son beat us soundly.

Thursday - I spent all morning working on curriculum reviews while the kids slept in and played together. Breakfast was self-service and every man for himself. I assigned some math problems and finished a literature unit with my eight-year old. The boys watched a cool history assignment through Veritas Press (watch for my upcoming review)! Drew read to Lydia from some of her Sonlight books and that was our school for the day. My hubby came rolling in for lunch and we threw together a quick lunch and it was in the road for an appointment at the hospital where I work. I promised the kids that if they sat quietly while I had my appointment, we would stop by the park and play, feed the ducks and have cookies. My son had put some in the oven right before we left. I found a use for my failed bread recipe and the ducks were well fed today. LOL! We also made a pit stop at the local thrift shop where I found a few great deals on clothing for me and David. I am reading a book called Reinvent Yourself with Color Me Beautiful and trying to pick things in my color palette now. I found three tops in my color scheme. We celebrated a small raise at work with dinner out at the local BBQ restaurant.

Color Me Beautiful bookcolor palatte

ducks at the park

Friday - Menu planning, grocery shopping and picking up some baby shower gifts were the first order of the day. A nice dinner at home with the family and movie night topped off our week.

And that about wraps up our homeschooling week. How has your homeschooling been going?

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