Jun 13

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Top Ten Reasons Why We Will Be Eating Ice Cream Tonight

10.  The end to a rough week calls for smooth, creamy goodness.

9.  It’s FRIday, and that stands for “Freely Receiving Ice cream Day”.

8.  They screamed, I screamed, and we all needed to go out for ice cream.

7.  Our trim healthy mama is thousands of miles away in Romania.

6.  Our ice cream has way less calories than that schnitzel she ate over there.

5.  I have dairy farmers in the family.  Good Christians take care of family.

4.  Buying ice cream generates sales tax, which helps schools, which makes better students, which makes better voters, which makes a better country.

3.  Did I mention that it is smooth, creamy goodness?

2.  Cool treats = a cool dad.


1.  Cool dads get better Father’s Day presents.

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  1. Debbie Hester

    That sounds like 10 great reasons to me! ;) Hope you are all fairing well and that Jenni is doing well in Romania. Best Wishes for a Happy Father’s Day on Sunday! Love, Debbie

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