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Missional Moments

GIC Missional MomentsOur family was so blessed to be able to participate in the annual Global Impact Celebration at our church this week. We are so blessed to have a mission-minded church and I am full to overflowing with all that God has taught me this week. I will be pondering and meditating on some of the things I have heard this week for a while. We began the celebration by having a continuous Bible reading in our church for three days prior to the start of our meetings. Night and day there was a church member in the sanctuary reading aloud from the Word of God. My husband, my twelve-year-old son and myself participated and it was a very special experience.Here are some special things that God has spoken into my heart this week.

Personal Evangelism is Something that I Need to Focus On and Make a Regular Part of My Life

  • My son and I attended a evangelism class by a dear friends of ours, Paul and Elisha Sewell, whom we have supported as a missionaries for a couple of years. This was a kickoff to our week of mission events and services at church. They serve on college campuses and mobilize college students by reaching them for Christ and discipling them and then sending them out to all nations as missionaries. They target ethic students and have seen students from all over the world come to Christ. It is an awesome ministry that I am thrilled to be able to participate in. If you would like to learn more about Launch Global, check out their website. Drew and I took some of these great points home with us from the class
  •  We are to be about God’s work. Using the acronym FISH helps us remember what we need to do.
  • F- Find lost people, go where the lost people are. Make a list of lost people who you know. Begin to pray for them.
  • I – Interest – create interest by sharing a story. Write out your salvation story and be able to share it in a few minutes. Most people do not have time for a long story. Have a short version. You an also share a story about an answered prayer.
  • S – Share. If they show interest, share God’s story. We learned how to draw a simple bridge diagram that is a very easy and simple way to share the Gospel. I found an example on You Tube. Check out the video below.
  • H- Help. Help them identify any barriers to salvation and then help them receive the gift.

Persecution is Real and There is SO Much I Can Do Through Becoming Aware and Committing to Prayer

  • I had the privilege of hearing Joseph Hovsepian share the story of how his Iranian Christian father was martyred for Christ. The message of forgiveness was woven throughout his testimony. A quote that stuck with me was, “Forgiveness is not forgetting to remember, but remembering to forget.” We have got to get on with this life as a Christian and not let unforgiveness hold us back any longer. God has work for us to do! Forgiveness is not always felt, it is an action we take by faith.
  • Hovsepian Ministries works through media to reach the country of Iran with messages of hope and salvation in Christ. They provide programming and Christian music for the underground churches. Below is an example of some of the film work that they do. We need to be in prayer for these brave brothers and sisters in Christ.

I Need to Create Some Free Time in My Life So That I Don’t Miss Divine Appointments

  • Learning to say “no” has been a skill that I am having to learn repeatedly it seems. I am asking God again to help me weed out the unimportant to make room to pursue the things He has in store for me. I want to have time to talk to the cashier at the grocery store, walk over to the neighbor’s house and visit, call up a friend on the phone, etc. I will miss out on the best things if I fill up all my time with the “good” things.
  • There is so much we can be involved in here and around the world. I have so many things on my heart that need some prayerful consideration. I am going to start by laying it at the feet of Jesus and asking Him to give me one opportunity this week to share my story and God’s story with someone else.
Alaska missions decor

Our Sunday School Class decorated a room for the missionary from Alaska. We served smoked salmon dip and Moose Tracks Ice cream to church members as part of our taste of missions night to raise awareness about our mission partner’s ministries

Alaska, taste of missions


  • This morning was the end of a refreshing week. I am full encouragement and ready to GO and TELL. We had some ladies from our local women’s shelter come and join in with our choir this morning. I caught a snippet of it on video and I want to end this post with this song because our God is AWESOME!I
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