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Gaining a Better Understanding of the Scriptures through ‘Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls”

Mysteries of the Dead Sea ScrollsNew Liberty Videos Review

Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Secrets of God Revealed by New Liberty Videos was sent to us for review a few weeks ago. Filmed at the Bible Museum in Goodyear, Arizona, this film provided me with some great food for thought and even sparked an interest in me to learn Hebrew! I have had an interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery for a long time and I was glad for the chance to learn from these knowledgeable men more about the history of the Bible and how the Scripture was carried forward and translated over the years.

New Liberty Videos Review

The video is available for $19.95

through New Liberty Videos

The 60 minute DVD is appropriate for all audiences, but in our family it interested the 12-year-old and up crowd. The film consists of three parts:
Part 1 – Is an informational, historical and archaeological explanation of what the Dead Sea Scrolls are and how they were found. You will learn about how they were studied and how infra-red technology has opened more doors by enabling more fragments to be read and understood. The jigsaw puzzle of fragments has been able to be ordered more correctly with the invention of this technology and its application to archaeology. Joel Lampe is the presenter of this section and his resume includes international director and senior curator at the Bible Museum in Goodyear, Arizona and a worldwide lecturer. He has a wealth of Biblical knowledge to share.
Part 2 – In this section, you will gain an appreciation for how the ancient Hebrew language was composed. You will learn the importance of word pictures and how they beautifully illustrate and explain many of the words of Scripture. Even with no knowledge of Hebrew, you will walk away from this segment having gained some knowledge and understanding of how the language works. The teacher of this segment is Dr. Frank Seekins. He holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity for Hebrew Word Pictures. He has studied Hebrew word pictures for over 26 years and is the acknowledged founder of this study.
Part 3 – The most revered, printed and studied book of all time, the Bible, is discussed in this segment. You will span history with Dr. Craig Lampe as he shares the impact that men such as Constantine, Jerome, Erasmus, Martin Luther and William Tyndale had on the spreading of the Gospel through their involvement with the Forbidden Book. See samples of the Geneva Bible and learn about the suffering of our fathers in the faith as they were faithful to the call of bringing God’s word to people in their own language.

My Opinion of the DVD’s

The lecture feel of the video will turn off some who are looking for more of an entertainment value in a film. For education purposes, it was highly informative in my opinion. I felt that it would be a great addition to a high school Bible class. My twelve-year old son watched the first segment of the film with me. He mentioned that the first speaker was rather monotone and he had a hard time listening to him. For me, the tone was overcome by the great artifacts and visual aids shown during the lecture. Dr. Seekins had a more pleasant voice and I was surprised that I enjoyed his topic more than the other two sections. The Hebrew Word picture segment ended up being my favorite. I was inspired by the thought that there is so much more that I could learn from God’s Word by gaining a better understanding of Hebrew Word pictures. I decided to make a little sign to hang on my bathroom mirror to remind me of the meaning of one Hebrew word, Shalom.

Hebrew Word Picture of Shalom Before watching the video, I really had no interest whatsoever in Hebrew, but after seeing the perspective that word pictures gave me through a few common Biblical terms, my interest was piqued. I think this would be a nice addition to any believer’s video library.

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