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Starting the New Year with a New Focus – Savor Life

I always take a little time over the holidays to think about my goals for the next year and ponder the things that I would like to change. I spend some time in prayer and ask the Lord what needs to change in my life. I ask the opinion of my husband and take all the feedback to develop a flexible plan for change. Do I always follow this plan to a T? Absolutely not, hence the term, “flexible plan”. I have learned that if I set too many goals, I cannot achieve them all. However, if I aim at nothing, I hit it every time. After thinking that I would like to slow down and savor life more, life happened.

December was a rather different holiday season than normal. We had a busy early December with family visiting, a large-scale church performance, and the normal Christmas gatherings and outings. My extended family had lots of sickness, so the family gatherings were kept to a minimum by my nearby family. We decided to take a trip to see out-of-state family the day after Christmas. This was a wonderful time of blessing family and reconnecting, but while there I received news that my aunt was gravely ill and would be transferred to hospice care. As the nurse of the family, this was very hard for me to be so far from those that I wanted to be present for and help support during this difficult time. I knew the Lord had led us to make this trip out-of-state and I wanted to be present with my husband’s family during this trip. We don’t get to visit very often. The Lord gave grace during this time and I can see His hand working in the process looking  back.

The day we were driving home, my aunt went to be with the Lord. We spent several days after arriving home visiting with family and putting my aunt to rest. It was a rather hard time to get back in the swing of school. My heart was just not in it. I have been battling some sadness and winter blues. I have been savoring my morning quiet times and have felt the Lord encouraging my heart and drawing me closer through repentance, but my heart just hasn’t been into blogging or homeschooling. I am carrying on and trudging through, but I covet your prayers. I have things that I know I need to do, but I have just decided that being present and savoring time with loved ones is what is needed in this season.

I will continue blogging and hope to post more of my thoughts on my key word, “savor” later this month. You can look for some giveaways coming soon.

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