Jun 03

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Getting Back in the Morning Groove – Day 2

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Today I am thinking about the difficulty of starting any new routine. There is always a kink in the plan or a day where you have to be flexible. Today was one such day. I worked at my part-time job as a registered nurse for a twelve-hour night shift and my morning consisted of getting home, giving the kids some instructions for their morning and crawling into bed. I woke up groggy because my sleep was interrupted several times by the kids. I watched today’s section of the course and then completed the project late this afternoon. I was inspired to make a staging area in my closet to hang tomorrow’s clothing choices and I can’t wait for my errand run Friday to get what I need to make this idea a reality. Stay tuned for pics on Friday. I wrote down my simple five item list in the reminder app on my smartphone. I had an evening routine listed that I simply tweaked to be more applicable to where I am at the present moment. I have a new bedtime goal of in the bed by 10 and lights out by 10:30. I am hoping I can get more rest and also work on my reading list. How about you? Have you thought about an evening routine?

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