Jun 05

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Getting Back in the Morning Groove – Day 3

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How it is Going

After several days of setting out my clothes the night before, I think this is gonna be a great habit for me. I am having the kids do this as well on days where we are headed somewhere in the morning. Since we are in a summer routine right now, our days are rather varied compared to our school schedule the rest of the year. I finally got some clips to install my new staging area for clothes, shoes and accessories for the next day. I decided I didn’t want to just throw them on a chair and this is what I came up with.

I installed removable hooks in my closet utilizing some wasted space and now I have a great place to hang my outfits for the next day. I also plan to place my shoes or accessories on top of the crate underneath my hooks.

Today’s Progress

Today my assignment was all about looking at your priorities and realizing that you can’t fit everything into a day. I realized that so far I have addressed all of these ideas before, it was just time to revisit my priority list and update it. I found a note on my phone where I had listed my priorities and I just organized them and added/deleted as needed to update them by order of importance to me at this time in my life. Here is my updated list.


The items on the right are things that I would love to add back into my schedule. These are things that are important to me, but because I have let my life get so crammed with busyness I don’t make time to do these things anymore. They are things that refresh me and fill me up. I am purposing to gradually make time for these things on my list. The must do items, or my BIG ROCKS as Crystal calls them are included in the list on the left. What are your priorities right now? Do you find yourself accomplishing them most of the time or do you fall into the trap of becoming a slave to the tyranny of the urgent?

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