Jun 06

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Getting Back in the Morning Groove – Day 4

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How it is Going?

I had a busy last couple of days so I haven’t been sticking to my bedtime :( I plan to work on that starting on Monday. It didn’t help that I was in the midst of a great book by Julie Klassen, The Dancing Master. I stayed up one night until midnight reading. I just couldn’t put it down. We spent some time fishing as a family this morning and I have some girl time planned with my mom and sister tonight followed by a night shift at the hospital. I am determined to work through these exercises amidst my busy schedule this week. Here is a peek into my day.

fishing on Saturday

My best friends - girltime

Chonda Pierce - comedyToday’s Focus

We need incentives to make us stick with routines and goals for the long haul. I made a list today of reasons why I want to stick with a morning routine. I am planning to post this notecard on my bathroom mirror so that it will serve as a reminder while I am getting back into the habit of getting up.motivatorsI am also thinking of things to reward myself with when I reach some of the goals I am planning to set in the next few days. How are you making over your mornings?



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