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Aug 11

U is for Undulating Uvulas

Pity the poor teacher that has asked her 30 students to each write a paper on what they did on their summer vacation, and now, by golly, she has to actually read all of them.   After 15 papers on hanging out at the pool, she is ready to stick a pencil in her forehead, but along …

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Aug 04

T is for Tomato Salsa


  Today I am going to share a recipe I created with you. My family loves salsa and we were given an abundance of tomatoes this week. Combining some of the tomatoes from our porch garden and the ones given to us. We were able to make three quarts of salsa. I hope you enjoy …

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Jul 25

S is for Super Saturday


Last Saturday I was reminded of the importance of friendship. We have developed a friendship with a like-minded couple who blog over at Husband of a Homeschool Mom and we had the opportunity to take a day trip with them and have some time of fun and fellowship. It is a blessing to have friends that …

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Jul 18

R is for Ready – 5 Ways You Can Prepare for a New Homeschool Year


Back to School sales are starting in my area. My boys are visiting grandparents 650 miles away and I am getting excited about starting school back in a couple of weeks. I was contemplating readiness this morning as I sat drinking a cup of tea in my VERY quiet house. Here are some things that …

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Jun 18

M is for Making Time and N is for Needing Routine


Do you ever find yourself preoccupied with your to-do list, your planning, your projects, etc? In this age of multi-tasking and with the push to always be productive, I find myself in that place of preoccupation quite often. As I have been Praying for My kids over the last few days, the Lord has pricked my heart …

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Jun 04

L is for Lemonade


Have you ever  heard the phrase, When life gives you lemons, just make lemonade?  I have been dealt a few lemons over the years,but I have learned that I can give thanks for the situation and learn from it, or whine and complain and have to learn things the hard way. Paul describes contentment this …

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Jun 02

K is for Karate


My hubby and kids started taking karate lessons two years ago. It started out as a way for my husband and oldest son to connect and to help boost the self-confidence of my son. This undertaking has now grown into including my youngest son, and I am even considering taking lessons when our youngest is …

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May 26

J is for Just Having Fun


We have been officially on summer break since May 6th, but we have had company, taken a trip to a homeschool convention, etc and we are ready for some lazy days. We have had some fun adventures since our break began so I thought that I would share a little peek into our life for …

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May 17

I is for Interesting

In this world of high-speed internet and blogger friends, we don’t have the opportunity to get to know our online friends as well as we would like, so I thought that I would make my letter “I” post a little different and make a list of some of the things that I find interesting. I think …

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Apr 28

F is for Figurative Language Cafe

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I am continuing to Blog through the Alphabet with Marcy over at Ben and Me. This week we are focusing on the letter F. I decided to share with you an idea a friend of mine had and implemented at our monthly homeschool reading club meeting. We have been learning about literary terms throughout the year …

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