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Nov 25

Thriving, Not Just Surviving – Day 1


Day 1 If you are joining in on this challenge, I hope you will visit Money Saving Mom and sign up for the 7- Day Challenge emails. This challenge is a sneak peak to some of the awesome tips that you will find in Crystal Paine’s newest book, Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode, coming in January 2014. I …

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Nov 23

Thriving, Not Just Surviving – 7-Day Challenge

  I am so excited to be a part of the launch team for Crystal Paine’s new book, releasing in January, entitled, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. I have been a follower of her blog, Money Saving Mom, for years. I am a very big fan of hers. She has wisdom beyond her years and …

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Feb 08

Punctuality Challenge – Day 15

Today’s challenge from 28 Days to Timeliness is to start decluttering your home. It is so much easier to get out of the door on time when you know where everything is located.  Have you heard the phrase, ” a place for everything and everything in its place?” This is a great mantra. As our family …

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Jan 29

Punctuality Challenge – Day 14

  Media Consumption – Do we have to go there? That was my thought when I read today’s excerpt. I know that this is a big time waster for me. Computer time is a necessary part of my blogging life, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in the extraneous things, Facebook, email, etc that …

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Jan 25

Punctuality Challenge – Day 13

  My kids and I were headed to a commitment last week where we were supposed to meet several other families in a parking lot. We arrived six minutes early and my son looked up and said, “Mom, are you sure we are in the right place?” I knew that we were making progress when …

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Dec 29

Punctuality Challenge – Day 11

 28 Days to Timeliness by  Davonne Parks and Lisa Grimenstein has been an inspiration to me. I have been blogging through this challenge one day at a time trying to overcome my habit of being fashionably late. On Day 11, the challenge was to look at your morning routine and make a streamlined plan. This is …

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Dec 28

Punctuality Challenge – Day 9 & 10

Today my focus from 28 Days to Timeliness was about seeing how long it really takes me to get ready for the day. I have had it in my mind that I can get ready in 30-45 minutes. I am keeping a log for the next several weeks listing the time from start to finish that it …

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Dec 18

Punctuality Challenge – Day 9 – The Squirrel Went Berserk

Squirrel in house

We depart from the regularly scheduled post to inform you of a Griswold Family Christmas moment. My husband and I had a chat about punctuality last night and we were discussing my challenges being a semi-stay at home mom, meaning I occasionally work outside the home (about 4-5 days a month) and blog from home. …

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Dec 17

Punctuality Challenge – Day 8

Boundaries – That is a big word. www.dictionary.com defines the word boundary as follows: something that indicates bounds or limits; a limiting or bounding line. The focus of our challenge today from the book 28 Days to Timeliness, centers around setting up boundaries in your life. I began to ponder limits and my first thought was that I need to get a better handle on my …

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Dec 05

Punctuality Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 of 28 Days to Timeliness found me contemplating how to simplify my life. This is an overwhelming topic. What does simplify mean? www.dictionary.com ‘s definition reads as follows, “to make less complicated, clearer, or easier”. How many times do perfectionistic types try to make a task more complicated? I know I struggle with this. I want to detail clean when a …

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