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Jun 07

Dave’s Fireside Chats – The Hurricane Season

There are three long seasons in the United States, which inflict misery upon Americans for most of the year, and they are, in order of increasing misery: 1.  The PMS season. 2.  The baseball season. and, last but certainly not least – 3.  The hurricane season. PMS is an acronym which stands for “Pardon My Spouse”, …

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Nov 21

Dave’s Fireside Chats: Women Pleasin’ is the Key to Survivin’ the Season


The scene:  The King’s School, Grantham, England; December 1658 Young Isaac Newton looks forlornly out of his dorm window at his classmates in the courtyard below.  They wouldn’t let him play any reindeer games because Isaac was, in the vernacular of the day, a DWEEB.  But young Isaac would get the last laugh, creating an invention …

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