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Sep 10

Time to Take Control of My Health

I come from a family that loves food. Everything we do centers around food. Whenever we are happy, we eat, whenever we are sad, we eat, whenever we are stressed we eat, whenever we have something to celebrate, we eat. That in and of itself is not a bad thing, but I have found myself …

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Sep 07

PraiseMoves – Am/PM Workouts to Begin and End Your Day (A Review)


  Are you looking for a way to incorporate movement into your home or homeschool? I went looking for an alternative to Yoga because I wanted to find a way to stretch and keep myself limber and help eliminate neck and lower back tension. I was also hoping to find a way to encourage my …

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Apr 06

C is for Color Run


I have been on a quest to better my overall health for the last couple of years. I began running as a way to improve my cardiovascular health and get in shape. My sister and I decided to mark off an item from our bucket list and signed up for our first 5K in May …

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Aug 14

Getting Fit with the Family

fam fitness

  I started out the New Year with a few long term goals. I joined in the Hello Mornings challenge and began to get up in the morning for my family and spend some quiet time with the Lord. It made a big difference in my life and I would encourage everyone to check out …

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