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Jun 14

Trim Healthy Mama, Him Stealthy Papa


      According to the Keebler-Frosting model, there are five stages of weight loss and related grief, and nearly all of these stages are initiated by the female in a relationship.  (Truthfully, men don’t have five stages to anything. Heck, even a football game only has four quarters.)   Anyway, the first stage in …

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Oct 11

Dave’s Fireside Chats – Of Mice and Women


(Note:  Some rodents were harmed considerably during the making of this lifelong story.  However, I harmed them under extreme pressure from my wife.  PETA members and all others please address your complaints to:      David Allen, Get Over It Avenue, Realtown, USA.)      Throughout our lives, we all have been exposed to many examples of meaningful relationships between …

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Jun 27

Dave’s Fireside Chats – Color and Glow Run is a Chance to Shine

The Time:  Saturday evening, June 22nd The Place:  Nash Farm Civil War Battlefield, McDonough, Georgia, site of the 5K Color & Glow The Premise:  My wife and I running our third 5K together, this time at night………in a cow pasture………wearing little glowing things. The day started ominously (for those of you educated in Georgia schools, that means a …

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Feb 18

Dave’s Fireside Chats – The Only Holiday Named After a Massacre

     On February 14th, 1929, seven men, namely, Adam “Couch Potato” Heyer, Albert “Beer Buddy” Kachellek, John “Deadbeat” May, Reinhardt “Upstream” Schwimmer, Albert “Late Date” Weinschenk, Frank “Mom Loved Me More” Gusenberg, and Peter “No She Didn’t” Gusenberg were “rubbed out” in a Chicago warehouse.  Police realized that the killers were the dead men’s wives, sick …

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