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Sep 16

Goal Setting and My New Favorite Tool

7 min life pin

The 7 Minute Life is a company committed to helping you learn time management skills while boosting your productivity and organizing your life. Time management strategist Allyson Lewis has created an excellent time management tool called The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner to help you prioritize and organize your life. I received this product free of charge for …

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Aug 31

How Goals Help Me Aim for Excellence

I love setting goals. There is something about listing out the things that I want to accomplish on paper that helps me gain perspective on my life. I have been working through some exercises on goal setting in the last several weeks in conjunction with an upcoming review on the 7-Minute Life Planner. This has …

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Aug 23

Celebrating the First Week of Routine and Goals for Next Week

Our First week of back to routine is completed. We had interruptions and we made some wonderful memories. I was able to remind myself in the interruptions that homeschooling is a blessing because of flexibility. The main goals for my week were to help Luke follow a checklist, set aside quality time for Lydia’s preschool …

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Aug 17

Ready for Routine

We have enjoyed the summer to the fullest this year. We played, we vacationed, we visited family and we spent some time at the pool. Now that fall activities are starting in our homeschool group, church and local recreation department, it is time to settle down into a new school routine. I am so ready …

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Dec 30

A Peek into My Plans for 2014

New Years

2014 is just around the corner. I usually take a little time over Christmas break to set some goals and evaluate the things that worked and didn’t work in the previous year. I was pretty ambitious with my goal setting this year and accomplished more than I would have if I had not set goals, …

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Sep 30

Goals for this Week

  I feel the need to get back to goal setting. Here is my short and sweet list for this week. 1. Sort and organize winter clothes – Does anyone else dread this chore? For me it involves purging, washing clothes, cleaning out closets and drawers and making needs lists. 2. Shop for winter clothes at …

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May 20

Winding Down and Gearing Up

This time of year we start winding down the old school year and gearing up for the next year. I look at all the things we did and take some time to see if we reached our goals and accomplished the things we set out to learn. I try to see what worked for us …

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Jan 31

Goals Checkup – January Edition

  I endeavored to make some goals in 2013 and commit them to paper for greater accountability. I love to set goals but the follow-up is the most important. Here is where I am after the first month. It is so exciting to see some things marked off my list (I know I am kind of …

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Jan 23

Do-ing it Right

photoshop elements

I took on a link up challenge this year with my friend Susan over at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. We are challenging ourselves not just to make great plans, but to carry them out. Become a DO-er. You can read more about my journey in my last post -Becoming a Do-er and letting planning get in the …

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Jan 09

My Goals – 2013

I love January with the start of a clean slate and new goals and visions for your homeschool and family. I wrote a post about making goals last week and promised that I would share with you a list of my goals for 2013. Here they are in type. I hope by listing them out and …

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