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Dec 29

Punctuality Challenge – Day 11

 28 Days to Timeliness by  Davonne Parks and Lisa Grimenstein has been an inspiration to me. I have been blogging through this challenge one day at a time trying to overcome my habit of being fashionably late. On Day 11, the challenge was to look at your morning routine and make a streamlined plan. This is …

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Dec 18

Punctuality Challenge – Day 9 – The Squirrel Went Berserk

Squirrel in house

We depart from the regularly scheduled post to inform you of a Griswold Family Christmas moment. My husband and I had a chat about punctuality last night and we were discussing my challenges being a semi-stay at home mom, meaning I occasionally work outside the home (about 4-5 days a month) and blog from home. …

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Dec 05

Punctuality Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 of 28 Days to Timeliness found me contemplating how to simplify my life. This is an overwhelming topic. What does simplify mean? www.dictionary.com ‘s definition reads as follows, “to make less complicated, clearer, or easier”. How many times do perfectionistic types try to make a task more complicated? I know I struggle with this. I want to detail clean when a …

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Dec 02

Punctuality Challenge – Day 6

My reading for today from 28 Days to Timeliness focused on using a calendar to help manage your activities and appointments. I have been using a wall calendar on my fridge successfully for a couple of years. I love this one from www.flylady.net. The squares are large and I can write in our activities, appointments, menus, etc. This …

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Nov 21

Punctuality Challenge – Day 5

I have made it through five days of this challenge and I am realizing I have a long way to go. I am reading through 28 Days to Timeliness. Today’s topic was setting up a routine. I setup some routines in January and succeeded in following them for several months. As the summer arrived and the …

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Nov 13

Punctuality Challenge – Day 4

The focus of today was examining the good qualities of late people. Good qualities, you might ask? Yes,  the author of 28 Days to Timeliness  has identified five good qualities in late people. Here is the rundown: -Generous, giving of time and talents to bless other people -Compassionate, will stop to listen to a friend or …

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Nov 09

Punctuality Challenge – Day 3

Why are people late? Have you thought about it lately. There are many excuses that we discussed yesterday. But beyond the excuses, are there other reasons? What about personality types, time management skills, and heart issues? Today my excerpt from 28 Days to Timeliness encouraged me to examine my heart and determine my resistance to being on …

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Nov 08

Punctuality Challenge – Day 2

Excuses, excuses, excuses. We all have them. Numerous ideas in our head that seem to be the root of our lateness. Today, Day 3 of the book 28 Days to Timeliness had me analyzing my excuses and realizing the silliness of many of them. I have used the one that goes like this, “I got behind every …

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Nov 06

Punctuality Challenge – Day 1

Why is being on time important? Everyone probably has different answers to this question. I had personally never really given this question much thought. After looking at this more closely, I came to the awareness that it has great importance for my life. I become frustrated, volatile, and generally impatient when I am running late …

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Nov 06

Punctuality Challenge – Introduction


Tardiness – what does it have to do with spirituality? I have realized recently how much it affects my life. I am married to a punctual guy. He values timeliness. He appreciates it when I am ready to go somewhere on time. I, on the other hand, am a sort of squeal in on two …

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