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Jan 24

Homeschooling Essentials – Day 5 – A Support System

supportive husband

Updated: March 16, 2014 (affiliate link included) What is Support? Dictionary.com defines support as follows, sup·port 1. to bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part, etc.); serve as a foundation for. 2. to sustain or withstand (weight, pressure, strain, etc.) without giving way; serve as a prop for. 3. to undergo or endure, especially with patience or submission; tolerate. 4. to sustain (a person, the mind, spirits, courage, etc.) under trial or affliction: They supported him throughout his ordeal. 5. to maintain (a person, family, establishment, institution, etc.) by supplying with things necessary to existence; provide for: to support a family. After reading through these definitions, I would definitely say that a homeschooling mom or dad needs support. Our culture tells us we can do it all, have it all and be happy, but …

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