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May 07

Meet the Allens ~ Sonlight Blog Party


  I decided to join the Sonlight Blog Party a little late. (If you know me in real life, this won’t surprise you.) With the craziness we have had around here since Christmas, it has left me rather uninspired and in a blogging funk. With the arrival of spring in these parts and the balm …

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Apr 30

Guest Post on Teach Them Diligently This Week

  As a homeschool mothers, wives, and believers in Christ we have many aspirations. We want to love the Lord with all our heart and be a godly wives according to Proverbs 31. We want to teach our children in the ways of the Lord and shield them from the evils of this world. We …

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Apr 16

Finding Joy in the Journey When the Finish Line is Near

Joy in homeschooling

  Come on over to the Teach Them Diligently Blog today to read my latest guest post. I am sharing my heart about finishing out the school year with joy. I hope you will be encouraged and share this post with your homeschooling friends! Blessings on your homeschool today! ~Jennifer

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Mar 12

Involving Grandparents in Your Homeschool

Involving grandparents in homeschooling

  Have you ever wondered how to get your extended family on board with homeschooling? There are all types of families who homeschool. Some families have very supportive extended families and others spend years trying to gain the approval of extended family. As Christian parents, we know that the only approval that matters is God’s …

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Sep 23

An Encouraging Word From the Trenches


Dear Homeschooling Mama, I want to speak to you today about the danger of comparing. Does it seem like every other homeschool mom has it together more than you? You know the one I am talking about, the “super mom” who bakes her own bread, sews her own clothes, serves on all the committees at church, …

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Aug 09

5 Days of Multi-Level Homeschooling – Adding Group Time to your Day

  Today we will wrap up our Five Days of Multi-Level Homeschooling Series. I hope you have received hope through this series that you CAN homeschool your blessings from God. There is no magic formula, no secret weapon, no specific discipline technique that will solve all your homeschool problems. Our Heavenly Father does have the …

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Aug 05

Ten MORE Advantages of Homeschooling

because you demanded it (and you know who you are). ten MORE advantages of homeschooling: 1. no child left behind – because they follow you around the house all the time. 2. the homecoming queen and king are the same every year – mommy and daddy. 3. you never have to sell raffle tickets. 4. …

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Aug 04

Top 10 Advantages of Homeschooling

With all the hubbub of public schools in Georgia starting back this week, let us not forget about that other white meat – homeschooling. Top ten advantages of homeschooling: 1.  No classroom overcrowding (unless your last name is duggar). 2.  The superintendent can flirt shamelessly with the teacher, without threat of a lawsuit. 3.  You …

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May 13

I Am So Blessed to Be A Mom


After reading all the wonderful tributes to mothers yesterday on Facebook, I was inspired to write an after Mother’s Day post. I was contemplating my upbringing and the way in which I hope to bring up my children and I was overcome by gratitude for the blessings in my life. I was raised by two …

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Apr 01

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks, A Schoolhouse Crew Review


My boys are forever looking for adventure. As they play in the yard with friends, they are army men, superheroes, cowboys and knights in shining armor. So when we had the opportunity to review a lapbook from A Journey Through Learning, I knew this was going to be fun.   A Journey Through Learning was …

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