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Oct 16

Learning About Christian Worldview with iWitness books – A Review


Are you looking for a visually appealing book with stunning graphics that is informative and interesting and also teaches your kids about the Christian worldview? Look no further than the iWitness books from Apologia Educational Ministries. We received iWitness Biblical Archaeology, New Testament iWitness and Old Testament iWitness for review recently and I was very impressed. Christian worldview study has been …

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Jul 30

Analytical Grammar – Mastery in Minutes (A TOS Crew Review)


As I prepare my son for the start of 7th grade in a few weeks, I set some educational goals for the upcoming school year. One of my goals was to focus on grammar mastery. I have been on a quest to find a grammar curriculum that would not consume large amounts of our time. …

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Sep 23

The Presidential Game – A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Are you looking for an entertaining, engaging way to teach your kids more about the election process, the electoral college and US geography to boot? If so, look no further than the The Presidential Game. We received this game in exchange for our honest review and our family was immediately impressed. The beautiful colors and …

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Jul 13

Mayan Mysteries Online Game – A Schoolhouse Crew Review


We love ancient history in our home. After spending a couple of years studying this era of history, we learned so much. When asked to be a part of this review, I knew we were in for some great learning and review. Dig-It Games is the subject of my product review today. This company was …

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Apr 06

Computer Science for Kids – A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Computer Science for Kids , founded over 25 years ago, publishes computer programming software for kids from ages 10 to adult.   Each of  our computer programming tutorials feature “non-violent” computer games which teach students  programming in a fun and “kid-friendly” way. Our tutorials are not your typical  adult oriented programming language reference manuals.  They …

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