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Mar 31

Captivated – A Documentary Challenging You to Evaluate Your Use of Media

I was recently provided with a copy of the DVD Captivated, Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture produced by Media Talk 101 for review. After reading the synopsis of the documentary and watching the trailer, I felt that this video may speak to a need in our home. I grew up in a Christian home where we removed the …

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Mar 10

Science Experiments on DVD from ScienceandMath.com – A Review


We have had a big science focus this year in our homeschool. We are studying science together with our local homeschool co-op and when we found the Amazing Science DVD, Volume 1 for Grades 1-3, I knew that it would be the perfect complement to our curriculum. We received a copy for review from ScienceandMath.com.   About the …

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Feb 26

Piano for Preschoolers using KinderBach – A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Teacher's Corner

  Piano music has been a big part of my life since I was six years old and I enjoyed early music lessons. I hope to pass that love for music on to my kids and so far all of my kids have participated in some form of beginning piano lessons. As a home educator …

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Oct 05

Fundanoodle – A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Fun with Math

Fundanoodle is a company committed to providing quality school readiness materials for kids. The products are perfect for parents, teachers and kids as they work together to build an educational foundation. They aim to make learning educational and fun and their products provide some of the following skills listed on the Fundanoodle website:   Helping fine and …

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Aug 22

In the Hands of A Child – A Schoolhouse Crew Review


After spending some time with grandparents this summer at the beach, my boys were very interested in marine mammals. I was offered the opportunity to review the Dolphins, Porpoises & Whales project pack from In the Hands of a Child shortly after they returned home. We were excited to learn about these awesome creatures, some of which they had …

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Jul 08

PreScripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons – A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Teaching handwriting to boys can be a challenge. I feel like I am always telling my boys to “write neat”. I made it one of my goals to work on cursive writing with my 10-year-old this summer. He is very artistic, but that skill doesn’t usually carry over into his handwriting. After I had set …

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Jun 12

Prima Latina – A Schoolhouse Crew Review


When I first began homeschooling my own kids seven years ago, I wondered what all the fuss about teaching Latin was all about. It was one of those things that was on my list to look into, but I couldn’t figure out how I was going to work it into the already long curriculum list …

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Mar 11

Touch Math – A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Tasting their chocolate milk creation

For the last month, I have been trying out TouchMath Pre-K Homeschool program from TouchMath with Sweetums Peetums who will turn 3 in a couple of weeks. This has been so much fun. After just a few short weeks, she is asking to do math! Company Info: Initially developed by Janet Bullock, founder, president and CEO of Innovative Learning Concepts, …

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Mar 01

Target the Question Digital – A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Lone star

I am happy to share with you our latest homeschool online find. We were sent access to Target the Question Digital via the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review with my 5th grade son. He is a literature-minded kid so I was curious to see what he would think of a daily math supplement. Product Information –  …

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Feb 27

Abraham’s Journey – Schoolhouse Crew Book Review


With the recent celebration of President’s Day in our house, our current review of the e-book Abraham’s Journey – A Celebration of the American Dream by Robert and Kathleen Basmadjian from Inspiring the American Dream came at a perfect time. This beautifully illustrated title for Kindle was an educational read. We chose to read it on our Kindle Fire …

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