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Jun 14

Trim Healthy Mama, Him Stealthy Papa


      According to the Keebler-Frosting model, there are five stages of weight loss and related grief, and nearly all of these stages are initiated by the female in a relationship.  (Truthfully, men don’t have five stages to anything. Heck, even a football game only has four quarters.)   Anyway, the first stage in …

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Jun 13

Top Ten Reasons Why We Will Be Eating Ice Cream Tonight

10.  The end to a rough week calls for smooth, creamy goodness. 9.  It’s FRIday, and that stands for “Freely Receiving Ice cream Day”. 8.  They screamed, I screamed, and we all needed to go out for ice cream. 7.  Our trim healthy mama is thousands of miles away in Romania. 6.  Our ice cream …

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May 23

I Got to Thank the Trim Healthy Mamas in Person – My Goal Weight Celebration

Reaching Goal Weight with THM

(affiliate link included) I am so excited to announce that I reached my goal weight a few weeks ago. The Trim Healthy journey has been such a blessing for me. I began at the end of August 2013 expecting this to be another diet that would work initially and then go the way of other …

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Nov 20

Healthy Choices Equals Results – My Monthly Health Report

Before and After

I reached my first short-term goal recently. I lost the first 10 pounds and I am well on my way to my next goal 15 pounds. Here is a picture of me earlier this year before starting my weight loss journey. I am rejoicing as this is the first time that I have tried to …

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